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Learn the first magic ingredient to developing your story. All great movie producers and authors use these to create great stories that sell.

• Develop your core story, the one that is compelling and engaging.

• Turn your story into your compelling message.

• Learn the 5 Key elements every story needs to have.

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Introductory Class

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Design your Message around the Breakthrough Moment

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Build Stories following the Rollercoaster Format

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Discover the Blueprint for creating Action-Driven Content

Educate to Action

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Learn how to Monetize your Message

October 24, 25, & 26

80% Speech Practice w/Audience & Instructor Feedback

June 18, 19, 20



3 Day   Intensive

December 4, 2019

February 5, 2020

Connect with your Audience

May 6, 2020



2.5hr  Introductory Class

Speaker Connection Practice

November 8, 9

Develop a Clear Vision of your Target Audience

March 20 & 21



12hr  Workshop


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Wrap Important Information in a Story

Transform your data into something memorable by wrapping it in a story.

Keep it Simple

Avoid data dumping your audience by creating an emotionally compelling arguement through story telling.

The Story Rollercoaster

​​​​​​​Dive into the 5 key elements of a great story that all great movie producers and authors use to create powerful stories.

Make your Message Memorable

Pull stories from your own life to make your message compelling and engaging.